Many times I have spoken to people who have expressed an interest in overseas volunteer work with Ears Inc. but don’t follow through for a variety of reasons.
Many have jobs that they can’t get away from. Some hope or expect EARS Inc. to pay their expenses (we don’t have the funds). Some expect us to be their travel agent (we don’t have the resources). Some have children and feel this prevents them from taking off overseas. I remember my first trip in 1989 with my wife and two very young children. The locals in Vanuatu were thrilled that we had our children with us and, without realising it, their presence had a significant impact on the trust we established. Years later when we visited the Philippines when our children were eight and nine years old, the attention the kids attracted was extraordinary. On one occasion my son broke the ice when the Governor asked to have a photograph taken with us.

Pete and Bec Bartlett have their three daughters with them in Malawi and this family commitment has taken them into a special place in the community.The five people on the board of EARS Inc. are volunteers with busy lives but believe the work is worth stretching ourselves to give our time, energy and resources to.

We’ve created a volunteer information package designed to help you and us find a place that would work best for you to serve. Contact us if you would like to receive this package. The volunteer experience will change your life.

Grace and peace,

David Pither, President of EARS Inc


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